Customer Testimonials

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“We had a city mainframe that was set up for utility billing, but did not allow any inventory control, dispatching or routing features. Commercial billing was impossible; but since we converted to i-Pak everything is handled in one system, and management reports are easy to obtain. i-Pak is integrated with our legacy system for monthly accounting reports and we’re now taking credit card payments online. The change has had a big impact in how we run our operation.”
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Gina More
City of Glendale, California
“We have been a customer of Soft-Pak for twenty plus years. During this time, the product has evolved and the support continues to be excellent. Every year a user’s meeting allows us to view the future enhancements, have discussions with other haulers, and communicate our needs directly with Soft-Pak staff and management. I don’t know of any other company that encourages customer feedback and input as much as Soft-Pak.”
Collette Vogel
Vogel Disposal Service, Inc.
“Soft-Pak is an efficient, reliable software package tailored especially for the solid waste industry. Colquitt County provides solid waste services for thousands of customers and billing for services is easy and efficient. The generation of work orders, invoices, and financial reports are essential to any solid waste enterprise, and Soft-Pak makes these features available at the click of a mouse. From a talented sales team to an experienced support staff, Soft-Pak expertly meets our needs and would be an asset to any organization in the solid waste industry.”
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Melissa E. Lawson
Colquitt County, Georgia
“The most noteworthy things about Soft-Pak is the people. Every single person, from my first contact with Steve Belt our salesperson to the training and support staff; all have been friendly, knowledgeable, and done exactly what they said they would do. I feel confident that Soft-Pak will continue to deliver an outstanding product with the best customer service I have had the pleasure to experience.”
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Gwen Ghiorso
Burney Disposal, Inc.
“The Soft-Pak commitment is tremendous. The software meets current and future needs while maintaining a cutting edge technology. The ongoing product enhancements continue improve our use of the product every day.”
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Doyle Collins
PDC Area Disposal