Map-Pak works on the Google Map platform, the most powerful and cost-effective mapping application on the market. Easily view and display all routes and their stops from the Soft-Pak dispatching center. Click on any stop to verify account information and services performed. Select any criteria to view various route types… for example same-day routes, weekly routes, or different route types on different days. Visually identify overlapping stops and make the necessary changes to move stops and improve efficiencies. View vehicle GPS location in real-time to make dispatch decisions on the fly.

Map-Pak comes with:

  • Visually display routes in various colors
  • Utilize different Google Maps views (traffic or satellite)
  • New streets update automatically, no software to load
  • Geo-code directly from the tablet to “pinpoint” a location
  • Route new customers using Map Pak route assist
  • Visually optimize, move, and re-sequence stops on routes
  • Display vehicle trail and on route activities for playback purposes
  • Know where your trucks are located in real-time
  • Create Geofences and receive email alerts upon driver entry/exit
  • Quickly view all containers/equipment with delivery dates for inventory management

Map-Pak works in conjunction with Mobile-Pak™, by displaying the location of all active mobile devices on the Google Map display. Provide your clients with better service while reducing drive time and dispatching errors. View driver locations in real-time to help make judgment calls for on-call dispatched work. Save time, money, and manage your entire fleet while optimizing scheduled and unscheduled routes.