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Soft-Pak is a powerful , multi tiered software solution to run your waste management company with maximum efficiency.

Easy To Use
Routing of all Services

Billing and Customer Management
Cloud Based

That Automates Your Trash Hauling Business

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Operational Software for Waste Haulers
Billing, Routing, and Customer Management
Mobile computing and GPS tracking
Track and Manage Route Productivity
Route Optimization
Service Verification, Geo Fencing and Picture taking 

"Great company and product."
What do you like best about Soft-Pak?
Its an outstanding product that’s backed with knowledge support people. The software is worth a fortune to my company. It's exactly what I've been looking for, we’re glad we made the switch.
Was is easy to convert to Soft-Pak?
The installation and training team did a fantastic job. They got our data from the previous system and helped clean up our codes. When we converted to Soft-pak, it became easier to use with more efficient features. It took time to learn it, but what new system doesn’t take time to learn.
What business problems did you solve with the product? 
It helped with verification of service. We had clients that constantly put their bins out late, constantly told us the driver made a mess when we serviced them. After we installed Mobile Pak, and took pictures…. We proved all along that our drivers do a great job. What a simple solution. 

"Soft-Pak for Waste/Recycling Company"
What do you like best?
It helps with routing optimization, time tracking and high level customer service tasks.
What do you dislike?
Nothing to dislike. software is great, no issues so far.
What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? 
We track stops, routs, pick-up times, length of each job. We are not optimizing each route with a simple route optimization feature they have. Great product. 

Raise ROI & lower maintenance costs.
Automate Your Waste Management Business

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Sales and contact management 
PDF Sales Contracts with Electronic Signatures
Track and Manage Productivity

Tokenize credit card information
Onsite server or Cloud security
24/7 customer service

At Soft-Pak we know that if we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will. Which is why we continually innovate and enhance our product, providing ongoing value to our customers. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to our clients, and learn how Soft-Pak provides the premier solution for the waste hauling industry.  

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