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3rd Eye Integration

The best fleet management technology for waste haulers

Soft-Pak and 3rd Eye- an integrated solution

With the collaboration of Soft-Pak® and 3rd Eye®, fleet owners now have a very customer friendly back office environment to put the rich 3rd Eye data stream into use. Soft-Pak integrates the 3rd Eye Digital data into reports that allow fleets to better engage their customers – further strengthening the end-user relationship.

3rd Eye Garbage Truck Fleet Management Software

3rd Eye Digital Data Integration

  • 3rd Eye Equipped Refuse Collection Vehicles transmit route positional data in real-time
  • Data includes Positive Service Verification (PSV), including video event and time stamp
  • PSV data is sent to the cloud where Soft-Pak back office can bill immediately
  • GPS data can be used to calculate On Federal Highway / Off Federal Highway fuel use for tax rebates in 15 states
  • 3rd Eye/Soft-Pak integration delivers a completely passive system for operators (PSV is captured without driver interaction)

Mobile-Pak / Map-Pak / 3rd Eye Route Triad

  • Mobile-Pak, Map-Pak®, and the 3rd Eye Verif-Eye® module work in concert to provide fleets (and operators) with the most comprehensive route management solution available
  • Route stops, misses and on-route / off-route notification is collected passively in real-time
  • Route optimization becomes visual – allowing route supervisors to add/subtract stops to even workflow
  • Turn-by-turn guidance is conveyed to the driver to increase productivity
  • All route data is streamed to Soft-Pak cloud for reporting and billing

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