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Route Optimization

The best overall garbage truck routing solution for waste haulers.

Maximize your garbage truck route efficiency

Soft-Pak® offers the ability to optimize routes by leveraging the waste industry’s most powerful re-route tools. Whether you need to re-sequence a larger residential route or you’re looking to re-route your new commercial acquisition, Soft-Pak has the product embedded in the operations center to help with this process. Soft-Pak leverages our seamless integration with RouteSmart to provide these solutions. If you are looking for a simple solution, we also offer integration with Maptitude for the resequencing of one route or to organize your daily cart delivery routes.

Garbage Truck Route Optimization Software

Route Optimization Features

  • Create routes by city, day, area, etc.
  • Optimize using truck size, customer location, yard, disposal site, service times, etc
  • Create multiple scenarios to determine the right solution for you
  • Synchronize your optimal solution with the existing customer accounts

Optimize Your Garbage Truck Fleet With Soft-Pak

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