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Powerful waste industry scale software

Complete, integrated truck scale management solutions.

Scale-Pak® NTEP/CTEP certified Scale Management solutions easily facilitate transaction control and material tracking at all of your scale sites. The automatic sharing of information between Scale-Pak and Soft-Pak® significantly reduces data entry while seamlessly passing scale transactions to the powerful billing and productivity systems. The Scale-Pak product was developed by scale operators, so ease of use and data collection was critical.

Truck Scale Software

Scale-Pak Features

Extending the features and functionality of Scale-Pak while managing an entire operation with one system easily improves productivity, increases the number of trucks crossing the scale, and lowers operational errors associated with dual data entry. Scale-Pak is used at transfer stations, landfills, MRF’s and recycling centers; assisting operators and allowing management the reports they need to make decisions based on accurate data. The Scale-Pak module is certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures and will interface to most any vehicle scale system and indicator.

Truck Scale Software System

Scale-Pak Benefits

  • Seamless integration with the Soft-Pak office
  • Corporate-wide integration with a single platform/database
  • Centralized pricing, credit, and taxation control
  • Ideal for transfer stations, landfills, recycling centers, and MRF’s
  • Vehicle ID or license number search options
  • LEED Reporting for sustainable green building reports
  • Box or container ID (pre-stored tare weights)
  • Flexible incoming/outgoing options
  • Flexible material codes and ticket generations
  • Security controls for each scale operator
  • Unattended scale stations with partner Fairbanks Scales
  • Flexible customer payment options right at the scale house window
  • Detailed vehicle information direct from Soft-Pak
Scale Software For Trucks

Scale-Pak Core Features

  • Easily separate commingled material per vehicle
  • Bill and track inbound/outbound loads by volume/yards or units
  • Store vehicle, tare, and customer information
  • Track material inventory (both inbound and outbound)
  • Size/charge code direct from work order
  • Scale ticket generation
  • Provide temporary scale ticket for onsite notification
  • Tiered pricing
  • Point of sale transactions (cash, P.O., or credit card)
  • Weights and invoicing using U.S. standards or metric
  • Special waste tracking (both inbound and outbound)
  • Variable reporting tools – hundreds of reporting options
  • All interactive with Soft-Pak (work orders, drivers logs, route costing)

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