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Waste Hauler Billing Solutions

Cutting edge technology that improves waste hauler bottom lines.

Billing & Accounting solutions for waste hauling companies of any size

Soft-Pak back office systems make billing simple and accurate. End users get up-to-date billing based on services rendered. Soft-Pak provides a variety of accounting reports that can be custom configured to anyone’s fleet to allow for seamless billing and improved customer relations.

Connected Collections For Waste Haulers

Connected Collections

Introducing Connected Collections® from Environmental Solutions Group companies, 3rd Eye®, Soft-Pak®, and Heil®. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster. While a Heil body connected to 3rd Eye and Soft-Pak will provide the most advanced stream of data and the most comprehensive list of options to better run your business – you can easily connect your non-Heil fleet as well.

Web-Pak Accounting Software For Trash Waste Haulers


The Web-Pak® web module allows haulers to extend account information and secure online payment directly from Soft-Pak and e-Pak™. Web-Pak can run locally on a web server, an iSeries, or on the Soft-Pak data center. By extending service information, delivery, and payment options directly to your consumer, you enable customers to easily request service changes, review current and historical account information, and allow for secure payments at their convenience.

Create PDF Invoices For Billing

Auto PDF

In today’s economy, more people receive their bills electronically. Why not offer this service in an automated fashion directly from i-Pak™ / e-Pak™. By adding the email billing option, easily select how the customer receives invoices or statements, (either regular print, email only, or both) when you run your next billing.

Soft-Pak API Software Integration

Billing API's

Soft-Pak provides APIs for the exchange of data within the billing, customer service, and routing sections within our database. For clients looking to leverage 3rd party applications in which data is either imported or exported. App-Pak allows clients to gain access to these data tables.

Trash Company Waste Hauler Accounting Software

Other Accounting Options

The Soft-Pak team provides a large number of custom accounting solutions available for your company’s specific needs. Please contact your Soft-Pak representative to discuss the other services available for waste haulers.

Waste Hauler billing software solutions

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