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Billing Auto PDF

Eliminate your print/postage expense.
E-mail your invoices and statements automatically.

Generating and distributing invoices has never been easier

In today’s economy, more people receive their bills electronically. Why not offer this service in an automated fashion directly from i-Pak™ / e-Pak™. By adding the email billing option, easily select how the customer receives invoices or statements, (either regular print, email only, or both) when you run your next billing.

With electronic bill pay from Soft-Pak®,  we simplify the billing process while saving the customer money and provide a better service! This is a win-win for both customer and the hauler. With i-Pak or e-Pak, all PDF’s are auto-generated, meaning they are created at each request. Therefore, storage is not an issue; nor is there ever a “per PDF charge”.

Create PDF Invoices For Waste Hauler Customer Billing

Auto PDF Billing Saves Time And Money

  • 12% of customers choose electronic billing within the first six months. – Forester Research
  • Less of an impact on the environment – GO GREEN
  • Eliminate costs associated with traditional print/mail
  • More efficient – customers receive their bills instantly
  • Save time by eliminating re-printed invoices or statements and faxing
  • Collect receivables faster. Print/mail takes two days to deliver, email is instant
  • With Web-Pak®, clients can view historical statements without calling customer service
Waste Hauler Billing Software

What if your customer doesn't have or like e-mail?

No problem, simply continue to provide the same print mail service you currently offer. If you work with an outsourcing firm for print/mail, the auto-generated file will continue just as normal, however, the e-mail only recipients will be omitted.

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