History of Soft-Pak

In the early ’80s, our first product was developed for a diverse client base consisting primarily of financial and distribution companies, including three waste hauling companies. A decision was made to focus efforts specifically towards the waste industry. Developments have expanded over the years, releasing i-Pak™ in 2001 and migrating our application to the cloud in 2005. Our latest version continues our customer-driven philosophy, offering an advanced modular software suite with ongoing enhancements that allow customers efficient control of their operation.

Company and Software Philosophy

From our initial entry into the waste industry, Soft-Pak has consistently approached the challenges of the industry from a different direction than our competition. Our belief is that generally accepted accounting principles must be the cornerstone of any software product.

Through the years we have strengthened our products by listening to our customers and incorporating their needs as standard enhancements. Our customers continually provide development suggestions and request enhancements that we incorporate into our base product, allowing all users to benefit and gain value.

Mission Statement

Soft-Pak will deliver a premier solution with professional support services to our customers. These solutions must provide demonstrable value to our customers by generating a solid return on investment. We will meet this commitment by strictly adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Our most valued assets are our customers and our employees.
  • The customer is our future, they will receive our utmost support and commitment.
  • We will empower employees to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • We are responsible for the answer to unasked questions.
  • Solutions must be cost-effective, timely and when possible, proactive.

“If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will.”