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Accounting Interface

The accounting interface exports general journal entries to your existing accounting package. Why do manual data entry when Soft-Pak has automated the process directly into your system; providing an efficient and accurate method of processing your financial data. The Soft-Pak customer service software interfaces to a wide variety of accounting and other financial packages which include but are not limited to, JD Edwards, Solomon, Great Plains, AccountMate, etc., providing accuracy, timeliness, and ease of exporting journal entries directly into these products.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The optional EFT Module improves your cash flow by automatically debiting customer accounts for recurring charges. The EFT module will export records of authorized EFT customers to a work file during the billing process; this file conforms to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) format.


Today’s increased automation in payment processing has allowed banks to reduce the cost of their lockbox banking services enough to make them economical for businesses of any size.  The Soft-Pak Lockbox interface provides an automated process of importing cash receipts from a bank file, thereby ensuring timeliness and accuracy of the data and improving your cash flow. Soft-Pak has interfaces with most major banks.

Outsource Interface

The Soft-Pak outsource (Mail House) interface program exports a file containing invoice or statement details that can be sent to an outsourcing company for processing. This allows the Soft-Pak customer to take advantage of discounted printing and postage rates that can be offered by our partners CTP Graphics and DataProse (see partner section).

On Board Computing

An increasing number of waste industry companies are interested in OBC/GPS systems to increase driver efficiency, decrease operational costs, monitor vehicle usage, access route information, and increase overall operational efficiency. The Soft-Pak OBC Interface links Soft-Pak data directly to these systems, allowing users to exchange messages with drivers, create electronic run sheets and manifests, receive actual pick up and delivery results, gather vehicle-specific data, and much more.

Soft-Pak has successfully delivered interfaces for Fleetmind and RouteWare OBC systems. Capabilities vary between OBC vendors, give us a call to set up a demonstration or talk with other satisfied OBC/Soft-Pak clients.


Soft-Pak offers the ability to optimize routes by leveraging the industry’s most powerful re-route tools. Whether you need to re-sequence a larger residential route or you’re looking to re-route your new commercial acquisition, Soft-Pak has the product embedded in the dispatching center to help with this process.

Looking for Roll off Route optimization. Soft-Pak has partnered with the most powerful route optimization company in the industry to offer a seamlessly integrated solution. Contact Soft-Pak to get a demo or see if our optimization tools can help you minimize driver time and mileage per route.