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By leveraging data captured by Soft-Pak, we’ve been able to reduce costs and maximize route efficiency. By reducing miles driven, we’ve reduced our fuel consumption which is better for the environment – while also improving safety.

Duy “Dewey” Lee
VP, President of Information Technology
Athens Services

For Duy “Dewey” Le, Vice President of Information Technology at Athens Services, data is power. Specifically, data emanating from Athens facilities and equipment, are analyzed to help them run a more efficient operation – as well as provide a level of customer service that is truly world-class. According to Le, they rely on software vendors like Soft-Pak™ to provide the foundation but then take this to the next level with their own internally developed analytic processes.

According to Le, “In the past 64 years, Athens Services has seen the solid waste industry transform from a relatively low-tech business to one that now depends heavily on technology to operate. We now capture and analyze data collected by our fleet to better understand our operating environment and deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

Soft-Pak has been working with Athens Services for years – providing them with software that helps manage their collection routes as well as their Material Recovery Facility [MRF] scale houses. Athens had always been tracking route productivity to develop trends regarding overall volumes and productivity. With the help of Soft-Pak, trucks can capture when a customer was serviced, along with their exact location and a time stamp. This information was also loaded into the calculation, which provided additional benefits to the customer and to Athens themselves.

“With Soft-Pak, data collected by our fleet is combined with data collected at our MRF’s seamlessly. This data helps us identify opportunities to educate our customers to reduce contamination and increase recycling,” Le said.

With time, the data collected allowed for a much deeper dive into trends, route metrics, customer profiles and asset productivity. From here, Athens’ data analysts were able to associate vehicle payload and productivity to geographic data to ensure Athens was applying the right tool for the right situation. “Efficient routes take less time to complete, which means employees can spend more time with their families,” said Le.

Le said they are continually refining their processes – but they’ve never deviated from their main goal – which is to provide uncompromised customer service while providing Athens’ employees with a safe place to work and doing our part to take care of the environment.