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The week of April 16, 2018 Soft-Pak released a new version of I-Pak that customers are updating to. As part of the Soft-Pak annual service, customers gain feature enhancements and access to new modules. Some major highlights include newly designed screens with enhanced search, view and filter capabilities as well as a new release of Sales-Pak. The new screens allows a user to better customize the font and display of the application depending on the size and resolution of the users monitor. The upcoming Sales-Pak module allows for browser based access; allowing sales people to access client and prospects history from any location and quickly produce an electronic proposal or sales agreement. This first release of Sales-Pak starts the process for waste haulers to manage their client, prospects and sales agreement from a single database and being the process of converting a prospect to customer in a paperless format. More enhancements are coming to Sales-Pak in 2018.

Other enhancements include

· Geofencing and Geofence alerts for Map-Pak.
· New Map-Pak route asset to easily route new customers
· PDF insert feature now part of PDF billing
· Client Service Schedule look up by address so customers can easily view their service days in an easy to read calendar
· RFID Reading for Mobile-Pak
· A new single route optimization and re-sequence feature

The new look and feel of every screen is one thing, but all the added features provide real values for our customers. We look forward to showing these solutions to current and prospects and clients at Waste Expo 2018.