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Coordinating solid waste collection and disposal for thousands of customers is a complicated job. In today’s AI world, relying on laborious pen-and-paper methods to document routes and customer statuses is unnecessary and inefficient. Soft-Pak has developed trash software that enables drivers to easily view and scroll through their route list, update stop activity, and receive dispatched work in real time.

Affordable In-Cab Computing with Mobile-Pak
Mobile-Pak offers route information that can be easily entered via a drop down selection that instantly transmits back to i-Pak or e-Pak. Driver activities and their GPS locations are sent to customer service or dispatching and displayed via Google Maps. All information flows back to i-Pak or e-Pak in real time with back office functions like route productivity, work orders, billing, and route follow up completed instantly.

Rather than receiving stacks of paper each morning, drivers simply download the days route. As they move along, the tablet shows them where to stop and which houses to skip. When drivers arrive at a customer’s home, they push the button that applies. The bright high-resolution display provides drivers with an intuitive touch-screen experience. Mobile-Pak can be mounted in the cab for one-touch use or carried by the driver for mobility purposes. Drivers can easily take photos, update notes, and instantly verify additional services with two “click’s”. Truck locations are displayed via GPS thus providing customer service and dispatching with an easy view of the entire fleet.

Mobile-Pak trash software comes with:
• Real time GPS tracking on Google Maps
• Scheduled and on call work sent instantly to drivers
• Mapping of local streets and highways
• Picture capabilities for overloaded / blocked containers
• All driver activity is recorded
• Enter weights from on board scales
• Recorded service time for each stop
• Geo code each stop for route management
• Mount for in cab usage (optional)
• Rugged case for mobile durability (optional)
• Enter scale information from disposal /transfer facility
• Capture signatures for customer verification
• Drivers can easily charge for and verify additional services
• GPS locations available for playback purposes with Map-Pak

All from a cost effective and rugged hand held device that runs on the Verizon or AT&T Network. Easily record an entire day’s activity for playback purposes to ensure drive efficiencies. Improve your fleets performance with the most cost effective mobile trash software in the marketplace.